How is your child?

Sometimes children, like adults,
can benefit from counselling.

If you have concerns for your child, no matter how old they are - do something.

Children and teens, just like the rest of us, face a range of issues like family conflict, loss of loved ones or school and peer pressures to name a few. And just like us, they often benefit from talking to a neutral third party. Someone completely unrelated but with specialist skills to guide and help them get things back on track.

FMC is one of only two organisations funded by the Federal Government to deliver a program especially for supporting children and teens who families have separated/divorced or are going through relationship difficulties.

Going through the counselling process has many benefits. A skilled child/youth counsellor can help children and young people:

  • vent their feelings in a safe place and manage strong emotions such as blame, guilt and anger
  • understand how to express themselves and relate positively to others
  • understand their family and friend relationships as they are now and how they change
  • use a range of age appropriate coping skills
  • become flexible, resilient and emotionally stable young people and adults.

We use a range of counselling styles depending on the age and issues of the people concerned.

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