for Couples and Parents

Being in a Committed Relationship isn't always easy.

>   Develop your relationship skills based on your relationship strengths.

Prepare/Enrich is an internationally acclaimed and recognised relationship education program that uses an online inventory tool to prepare a customised assessment of a couple's or parent's relationship, strengths and growth areas.

FMC offers two Prepare/Enrich packages - Couples and Parenting. The first is designed for couples whose main focus is their relationship and ways to enhance and strengthen them. The Parenting package best suits any committed couples whose primary concerns are children and parenting issues.

For Couples

The inventory tool produces a report the couple can discuss with the FMC counsellor (over 2 x 1.5 hour sessions), to understand their results and learn new relationship skills. Couples should find it easier to understand their partner and create a deeper, healthier relationship.

For Parents

The main focus of the Parenting package is on parenting issues. Parents are taken through the report over 2 x 1.5 hour sessions. This empowers parents and provides them with insight into their parenting style, family dynamics and couple relationship.

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