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Prepare/Enrich Course

FMC conducts proven counselling and education services that develop your relationship skills based on your strengths.

About the Course

Prepare/Enrich is an internationally acclaimed and verified couple’s relationship education program that uses an online inventory tool to provide an assessment of a couples’ strengths and growth areas. Each person completes the online inventory independently of the other.

The questions asked of each couple are customised according to their particular circumstance. The aim is to prepare newer couples for their life together and help established couples enrich their relationship.

The online inventory produces a report that the couple then uses, with a trained facilitator/counsellor, to discuss and understand their results, and learn new relationship skills.

It’s fun, dynamic and all about ensuring your relationship is the best it can possibly be by maximising your relationship strengths.

Prepare/Enrich is available privately as a couple ($275 per couple) or in a group environment ($230 per couple).

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